Media strategy, media planning, media-buying and media administration, are well-known services that a media agency offers. But the fact is that the market has changed enormously and advertisers no longer always demand the traditional services of a media agency. And that is precisely where Zuiver Media distinguishes itself: you decide where the collaboration starts and at which moment.

Zuiver Media believes in its own strength and quality. We keep satisfied customers through good services. Not through a contract. Your budget does not expire on hours) invoices. We keep our customers satisfied by providing good services, not by a contract. Your budget does not run out because of billable hours. We reinvent media and change behavior through creative media planning. Together we extend the boundaries of what is possible in the media mix, even if your media budget is limited. This makes us ambitious and motivated to deepen our understanding of your organization and your challenges. With solutions and ideas that go off the beaten track and really help you further: regardless of your budget and regardless of the size of your ambitions.

Our way of working

Our way of working is being involved and result-oriented. Guiding your marketing efforts is only possible if we know you and your company. We take the time to clarify your questions and goals. To come to sustainable and effective solutions, we delve into the market, the target group, the competition and the product experience.


We base our strategy on available research data, tailor-made research and all insights obtained. Once the strategy has been determined, we proceed to a detailed planning in which we constantly ask ourselves the one important question: how much does this contribute to the realization of the communication objectives? The ultimate goal is constantly present in all facets of strategy and planning. With SPOT you get access to all these campaign statistics. Target groups, insights, media input, prognoses, time planning, KPIs, all presented in a well-organized interface.


With our extensive reports you know exactly what the range and effect of a campaign is. Our online dashboard IDEM makes your data clear and transparent and gives you quick insight into whether your KPIs are on track. Even from cross media campaigns, we show you how radio, TV, print, online and outdoor reinforce each other. Evaluating and optimizing go in tandem. Because it can always be better.