About us

Zuiver Media works for medium-sized and smaller brands that want to achieve growth. Does that make us a specialist in that segment? You tell us. Fact is we have a lot of expertise on complex markets, limited budgets, real entrepreneurs and creative, effective use of media. Somehow, we have a special gene for that and we would be stupid not to use it. With our innovative media tools we also provide insights into the most decisive campaign information.

Advertising agencies

Zuiver Media is not only of significance for advertisers, but also for advertising and media agencies. Does your agency provide advertising campaigns for clients? We can arrange the media buying assignments for you. Does your agency produce a radio commercial? We deliver a sophisticated radio proposal. But also when your client wants reports on the media spending of its competitor, we will work out a competitive analysis for you. And of course, you can follow the administrative processing of your campaigns in real time in our back-office ZOEM. From the quotation and purchasing results to the status of your orders and the management of your campaign budgets. Our goal is to reinforce each other: our services start where yours end and we work together for the maximum result!


In our daily business, we felt the need to work smarter and faster. For that reason we developed media tools that make advertising more efficient, clearer and more pleasant for ourselves and for our customers. Our tools SPOT, ZOEM and IDEM guide you through your campaign strategy, offers and results at anytime and anywhere. The transparency these tools offer is highly appreciated by our customers. They know exactly what the status of a campaign is, and what we are capable of, what a campaign costs and what it yields. Together we ensure success.

The Platform Media Adviesbureau (PMA) is the branch organization for seventeen media consultancy agencies, including Zuiver Media. PMA, is the Premier League in this field, and are mainly active in the background, but occupy an important position in market developments in our branch. Membership of PMA brings media agencies together that are each other’s competitor in daily practice. Because these media agencies use the same available research studies, PMA has been designated as the quality controller of these studies.

Our partners